This tutorial is my design if it is similar in anyway  to another tutorial this is totally coincidental.
I am using the Work of Elias Chatzoudis you can buy his work HERE  you will need a licence to use his work.
I am using A Frosted Illusions  Kit Called Sensual which can be bought   HERE 
Lets Begin:
Open psp and open a 600X600
 new white raster layer
Open one of the frames in the kit
open up a paper from the kit
Click on the frame modify expand by two
then click on paper layer invert and hit delete on the keyboard.
open up your artist tube and position it as desired add drop shadow of choice
Open up the three flowers and position were desired
Open the feather tube and position one behind the artist tube and one in front on the other side

Open one of the ribbons place were desired making sure
 that its behind the feather on the righthand side
open your tube as a new layer position it were desired
 add drop shadow
open up the elements the butterflys the hearts and add as desired .
Add Your licence and your watermark
This tutorial was written 01 November 2008
Registered with T.W.I