Chocolate & Cherries

This tutorial is my design if it is similar in anyway  to another tutorial this is totally coincidental.
I am using the Work of Keith Garvey you can buy his work HERE  
you will need a licence to use his work.
Scrap Kit Puddicat Creations Called Sweet Temptation you can find it Here
You will need Lauras mask you can download it HERE
You will need Eye candys 5 impact you can download it from the net
Lets Begin:
Open psp and open a 600X600 new transparent raster layer
Open a paper Load mask layer with invert layer ticked apply merge group
Place mask in top right hand corner duplicate and mirror duplicate again and mirror again then duplicate and flip now you should have a mask layer in each of the four corners of the tag merge together
Open up eyecandy 5 impact setting chrome gold apply
Open up heart layer place were desired duplicte and mirror
Choose a tube paste it as new layer hide original layer place copied tube layer behind heart layer place face within hearts and excess with eraser repeat these steps untill you heart layers have faces within them merge together colourise these i chose a colour from tube
Place ribbon layer at the bottom of tag and colour the same as heart layers 
unhide tube layer and place were desired add drop shadow of choice 
Add Your Name and licence