More Fun

To do this tutorial you will need wsl mask 84 and missys 430 template I used elias chatzoudis tube i used eyecandy plugin

open a 600 by 600 image choose your colour that you are going to use and fill the layer just opened
then load mask and bring up wsl mask 81 and apply
merge group then open a new raster layer and fill it a different colour and redo the mask again
place this layer on the right hand side of the tag
merge visable layers
Open the template i choose missys 430
deleate the credits also deleat the rectangles
copy and paste the glitter circle on your tag then copy the circle and paste that on your tag
open your tube of choice
I used elias chatzoudis tube using selection tool on circle ,
circle the tubes head duplicate it a few times and position it so it covers the circles 
background then merge the tube layers together and then go to the circle layer select invert then go on to the tube layer 
and hit deleate
Open the bigger tube layer duplicate on bottom layer gaussin blur 10
On the top layer change layer to screen and merge the two tube layers together duplicate 3 times on the bottom 
tube layer place over frame layer and select layer the go to tube klayer and hit deleat then place the white frame over the top and merge three layers together
redo this for the other two frames 
paste the closest of the tube possition it to the right of the pink circle duplicate and mirror merge the two tubes together