A Handful Of Life

To do this tutorial you will need 
Jasmine Becket-Griffith which you can buy HERE the scrapkit is by Soxsational Scraps  and is called Blood Purple you can buy that HERE

Lets get started open a new 650x650 layer 
Using on of the papers from the kit paste as new layer using vix mask 330 add mask and merge group
Open the purple flower tube and place it on the top right hand side of tag Duplicate and colour it to a colour that is in your tube ,put this flower slightly further up than the first on then merge layers
Duplicate and mirror then merge layers then duplicate and mirror then merge together
Open the wire and add that to design were desired
Using the sparkles within the scrapkit duplicate merge together and place where desired
Add the puddle upon the bottom of the design
Open your tube of choice and adding a drop shadow of choice position of choice roughly so that she is sitting in the puddle
Using the candle layer place this on the right bottom of the tag
adding drop shadow of choice
Add licence and name and all finished