American Fun

To do this tutorial you will need 
Ismael Rac stelleto heel 2008-2013 tube and scrapkit you can buy them HERE
Lets get started open a new 650 x 650 layer  
Open the sand and place on the bottom of the tag then open the blue sky from inside the kit duplicate this layer a few times and totally cover the tag then merge these layers together and then add noise uniform ,monochrone ,75
then open the flag and add a drop shadow of choice and place this in the top right hand corner of the tag
Open the circle frame within the kit and then open a paper from the scrapkit your choice now with your magic wand click inside the frame layer and then selections expand by 3 then invert and on the paper layer click delete
Open your tube of choice and then duplicate then on the bottom on gaussian blur by 10 then on the top layer change the opacity to screen and merge these two layers together then do the same as the paper layer click inside the frame layer expand by 3 then invert then click on tube layer then hit delete now merge the paper and tube layer together effects texture effects weave with these settings gap 2,width 8,fill gaps ticked opacity 2 all boxes white ,now place this layer behind frame layer adding a drop shadow of choice 
then merge these two layers together and place in top left hand corner of tag
Open the bow add drop shadow and place in corner of the circle frame merge these two layers open 1 of the flowers add drop shadow and place behind circle frame ,open other flower element from the scrapkit and do the same
Open the ice cream,chocolates and the braclet add drop shadow and place in front of the circle merge these three layers together Open the ribbon layer add a drop shadow and place between the circle layer and the ice cream layer 
Open the glasses tube and place in bottom left of tag adding a drop shadow 
Open the brolly and place between flag and circle layer with a drop shadow of choice
Open the stars and place along top of tag
Open the tube of choice add shadow and place on top of glasses with toe of shoe against chocolate box
Add copyright and name of choice all done