Pink Sprinkles Tutorial

To do this tutorial you will need Honoured Scraps Love Me Scrapkit
 you can buy that HERE
You will also need a tube of choice i am choosing a tube
 by joel adams you can buy his work HERE

Open a new 650 x 650 raster layer
go to the scrap kit and open element 17 place in top right and of tag duplicate mirror and flip merge these two layers together
then resize  so these fit into of the corners of the tag duplicate 3 times so that this is in all four corners then merge together
Open element 17 and place top right duplicate then flip 
and place in bottom left of the tag merge these two layers together adding 
a drop shadow of choice
Open element 46 and place in center of the tag open one 
of the papers from within the scrap kit click inside the frame
 expand by 5 then just placed invert on the paper layer hit delete
Open up the rose from within the kit place on the bottom
 left of tag adding drop shadow of choice
open the rainbow and place on the bottom right of 
the tag 
flip it and place the rainbow behind the rose just placed
Open the ink glitter bottom and place between the rainbow 
and rose behind the rose and infront of the rainbow
Merge these three layers together
Open the heart frame within the kit and open your tube if 
you have a close up use that click inside heart frame layer 
expand by 3 then click on tube layer and click delete 
this layer on the base one gaussian blur 10 on the top change
 the opacity to screen add a drop shadow on frame a
then merge these three layers together
 duplicate and mirror place below and
 behind the other one 
Open the element 9 add noise uniform 70 monochrome
place this in top right of tag at the back duplicate and place
 in the bottom left of tag at the back i also opened the circle flower and placed that at the back just up from the rainbow
merge these two layers together
Open a couple more of the flower layers and place them
 were desired
Open the beads and place bottom of tag behind rainbow layer
Add tube of choice adding a drop shadow of choice
Add the copyright and your name of choice and
 all done thankyou