Gold With Envy Tutorial

To do this tutorial you will need Honoured Scraps Irish Rose scrap kit you an buy this HERE
You will also need the Sabine Rich Tube which you an buy HERE
You will also need WSL mask 38 you an download that from here site HERE

Now to start open a new 650x650 layer 
Open a paper from the scrap kit i used a god one and
 apply the mask source luminance
 ,fit to canvas 
merge group resize to fit into one corner of the tag now duplicate 
and place around tag 
as desired now duplicate and adjust brighten 180 by -48 then duplicate this layer
 twice and place around tag then merge all of these 5 layers together 
Now open a new layer and choose a green paper
 from within the scrap kit
 apply the mask again same settings merge group now duplicate this twice
 and place around tag base then duplicate and 
using the same settings s
 before adjust brightness now duplicate this layer twice and place around 
the tag base one satisfied merge all 
Open doodle 2 and place in corner from left to right
Now open the blossom element and place on the right of the tag 
then duplicate 
and mirror merge these two layers together
Using clover 2 place 1 in top right of tag duplicate mirror and 
flip merge these two layers together
Open a frame from the scrap kit and place enter top 
open a paper from the scrap kit and place behind frame layer
 click inside frame layer expand by 5 then invert and on the paper layer
 click delete ,open up your tube and do exacly the same
 as with the paper layer now add a drop shadow of choice on to frame 
and merge these three layers together
Now on the blossom layer placed before using your eraser tool 
erase any part of them that appear at the bottom of the frame 
Open wrap 2 and place on bottom of the frame duplicate and 
mirror then merge these two together 
Now again open your tube adding a drop shadow of choice place
 were desired
Open 1 of the ribbons and place down left of the frame 
using eraser square off 
the top and add a drop shadow of choice and merge with the frame layer
Now open and of the flowers within the scrap kit
 and place were desired 
remembering to add a drop shadow of choice 
when finished add copyright and name and all done thankyou