In the Garden Tutorial

To do this tutorial
 you will need Veronica Tube you can buy HERE 
You will also need scrapkit by Tiny Turtle
 Veronica Garden scrapkit
which you can buy HERE

 Open a new raster layer 650x650
Open element 84 duplicate put 1 in top right of tag and 1 in top left
merge these two layers together
Open frilly frame and place as desired now open your tube of choice
click inside the frame
and expand by 10 then invert and on the tube layer
click delete now
 merge these two layers together
Open element 21 and place behind frilly frame merge these
 two layers together
Now open element 12 and place behind frame on top left
 merge to frame
Open element 52 and place behind frame in center you wont see much of this
 just bits poking out merge to frame
Now open element 37 and place at bottom of the frame ...
any grass that appear
within the frame use your eraser brush and erase them
Open element 140 and place along grass line just placed
Open element 76 and place over the top
then open element 69
 and place above the element just placed duplicate and flip erasing the
stem and move
 it more to the left of the tag now merge all these four layers together
Open element 29 and place on bottom left of the frame
 above everything else then open element 6
 the bottle and place in front of flowers
 just placed finally open element 71 and place along the bottom
 of the tag
add your name and copyright and all done