Pinkie Boo Tutorial

To do this tutorial
 you will need Derzi MoosieBoo tube you can buy HERE 
You will also need scrapkit by Tiny Turtle
 Kawaii Moosie Boo scrapkit
which you can buy HERE

 Open a new raster layer 650x650
Open element 18 from the scrap kit duplicate and mirror merge together
remove the stems at the bottom duplicate and then flip and merge
 these two layers together
Duplicate and rotate 90 degrees then merge together
Open element 17 and make small enough to fit to corner then
place in top right corner
 of the tag duplicate and flip then duplicate and mirror then duplicate
 and flip the flower
 should now be in all four corners of the tag merge together
 and place at the back of the tag
Open element 9 and place in top left corner and duplicate and place this one
in bottom right
 corner of the tag then merge these two layers together
Open element 33 and place just off center duplicate and mirror
then merge two layers together
removing the stems with the eraser tool
Open element 79 and hue and saturate to a colour from your tag
 place this layer in front of the four cornered flowers at the back of the tag
Open element 35 and hue and saturate the same colour
as before place this element
at the bottom of the tag duplicate and mirror and merge together
Open the tube of choice add a drop shadow of choice
Open element 26 and place as if she is leaning on the flower
adding a drop shadow of choice
Open a butterfly from within the kit and place as desired adding a drop shadow
Open element 23 and 24 and place a few around the tube as desired
add your name and copyright and all done