Blast of Flowers Tutorial

To do this tutorial
 you will need Derzi Sunflower Girl from the flower blast collection  you can buy HERE 
You will also need scrapkit by Tiny Turtle
 Flower Blast Collection scrapkit
which you can buy HERE

 Open a new raster layer 650 x 650
Open element 103 place on left side of the tag duplicate and mirror then merge together
 Open element 179 place in top right corner of the tag duplicate and mirror
then duplicate and flip then duplicate and flip then merge the four elements together
Open element 22 and place one in top left off the tag duplicate
and place the other one in the bottom right of the tag
 merge these two layers together
Open 163 and place in center of the tag open your tube and with the selection tool on circle
 choose a bit of your tube then duplicate a few times and place them as a tile effect
merge these together and then place behind the frame just placed
 click inside the frame expand by 5 invert then click on the tube layer and click
delete duplicate this layer on the bottom layer gaussian blur  setting 10 on the top layer
change the opacity to luminance legacy then add a drop shadow to the frame
 and merge these three together
Open element 49 and rotate by 60 place on bottom right side of the frame
duplicate and mirror then merge these two together
Open element 86 make smaller and place over the top of the flowers
 just placed on either side merge these two layers together
Open 98 and place this element over the top of the last element just placed
merge these two elements together
Open element 31  make smaller and place bottom just off the center
duplicate and mirror
merge together Open the same element only make smaller than before and place them around
 the frame once happy merge these layers together
Open element 100 place bottom right duplicate and then mirror then merge together
Open element 30 make smaller and place on center bottom
Open your tube of choice place as desired adding a drop shadow of choice
add your name and copyright and all done