Mermaid Waves Tutorial

To do this tutorial you will need Honored scraps TheWave scrapkit which you can buy HERE
you will also need Alex Prihodko Mermaid tube you can buy that HERE

Open a new raster layer 650 x 650 go into the scrapkit and open element 15
 and duplicate and place one on the top left of the tag 
and one in the bottom right of the tag merge together
Open element 50 and place top center and duplicate and place in the center
 and merge these two layers together
Open element 30 place in top right of the tag open your tube of choice
 place behind the frame click inside the frame expand by 5 invert 
and then on the tube layer click delete add a drop shadow of choice
 to the frame then merge these two layers together
Open layer 45 and place in center of the tag then open the watch element
 and pace behind the circle just added enlarge a little 
merge these two layers together
Open the flowers from the kit  add orange and blue flowers place 
alternatively blue orange place these behind the top right frame
 untill half way round then merge these together then duplicate and mirror now place 
as a circle and then place behind the top right frame 
when satisfied merge the frame and flowers together On the middle frame 
open the orange and white flowers and do the same as the top right frame
add a drop shadow of choice
Open the waves from within the kit
Place one in the center duplicate then make slightly smaller 
and place centered right merge together 
Open the bubble and place in the center right over the waves
Open element 23 and place in front of the item just placed
Open your tube of choice add a drop shadow of choice place in center of the tag
open the element 49 and place at the bottom of the tag were the tail of your tube
 goes out of the element just placed with your eraser brush
 erase were ever your tube goes over it
Open a paper of choice from the kit and place behind element 49
do the same with the paper erase all of the top and on the out side of the element 49 
Open a bow from the kit and place on center frame 
Open element 4 and place bottom of the tag duplicate 
flip then place slighly above previous layer go back to the bottom layer
 and duplicate again
this time place this layer above the last flipped layer merge these three layers together
With your eraser brush again erase any that goes over the element 49 
add your copyright and name and all done