Sea Lovers Tutorial

To do this tutorial you will need Derzi sea lovers tube which you can buy HERE
You will also need Tiny turtles Alena scrap kit you can buy that HERE
 To do this tutorial you will need alien skin eye candy impact
 for the bevel and glass elements within the tutorial you can download that from the net

To start open a 700 x 550 raster layer open your tube of choice 
and make smaller i placed the girl on one side and the male on the other now duplicate
 both and place closer together so there hands meet place these two in the center of the tag 
higher than the other two placed then merge together
Now open your font of choice this will have to be a chunky font
 with the foreground set to with and the background null write out sea lovers
 Make sure it has a gap either side of the writing or shadows and text to be moved later 
on in the tag
Duplicate this layer add noise uniform 90 and hide
now place the layer you created the tube layer behind the text so that some bits of the tubes
 are within the letters now click inside the letters then invert and on the tube layer click delete 
merge this layer with the text layer and duplicate twice 
on the middle layer gaussian blur 10
Now on the top layer open impact bevel width 5,height 30,smoothness 30,round corners 20 inside selection darken deep areas 60,and un tick shade interior the colours should be white and black
 and the profile should be button
Now on the same layer click impact glass width
 15,smoothness 60,corners 0,inside
then 0,0,20,0,0,0,0,lighting should be white and the profile button the apply
Now unhide the text from earlier and place over layer just created add a drop shadow
 of choice and merge together
One the blured layer effects texture weave both colours white ,gap 1,width 3, and opacity 1,
fill gaps apply
On the bottom layer change the opacity to 60 then on the blurred layer
 slightly  lower it and little to the left then on the top layer add another drop shadow of choice
 and and place that lower and further to the left than the previous two layers
When satisfied merge together and add a drop shadow to the entire thing
Now open element 14 from the kit make smaller enough to fit in bottom right 
of the tag duplicate and mirror then merge together and place bottom of the tag
Open element 120 an place over the top of the jewels just placed 
Open element 115 add brightness untill white then place along bottom of the tag 
with the high end 
on the right duplicate and mirror then merge together
Open element 101 and place top right duplicate and mirror so theres one in each corner
 merge together
Open some of the flowers from within the kit and make smaller then place in the center 
of the tag adding a drop shadow of choice
Open element 149 and place bottom left of the tag duplicate and mirror merge together
Open element 46 and place right of the tag duplicate and mirror then merge together
Open element 104 and place top right duplicate then mirror and place this layer middle left then
 merge these two layers together    
Open element 23 hue and saturate to pink then duplicate and place one on the right and one
 on the left of the tag merge together then move to the back of the tag
Add you tube or tubes of choice adding a drop shadow of choice place the tubes 
behind the writing and the white sparkles placed before
add your copyright and your name and all done 




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