Alices Dream Tutorial

To do this tutorial you will need  
 Toxic Desirez Scrapkit Evol Ayce
Which you an buy HERE
The tube i am using is Martin Abel you can buy that HERE
The template is Toxic Desirez 326 you can download it HERE
You will also need eye candy gradient glow you can download this from the net

Now open the template remove the copy right
Open the splatter from the scrapkit and make small enough to fit into the top right corner of the tag now place it there duplicate and flip merge together
these two layers then dupliate and mirror now merge these two together you now have your background for your tag
Now click on the back two large rectangles from the template
 modify contract by 4 then delete this will create two frames
if you wish you an colourize to suite your tube
 Now once coloured add a noise of choice add a drop shadow of choice
Now open a paper from the kit and place behind one of the rectangle frames
click inside the frame expand by 6 invert and on the paper layer click delete
 now do the same with the other rectangle frame once you are done
place the two papers behind the frame and merge the four of the layers together
Go on to the two circles from the template
 and do the same as you did for the two retangles
make them into frames with noise of choice  and drop shadow
 then choose again a paper from the kit i used the same paper on both these circles
 you dont have to now one done merge these four layers together
On the two side retangles from the template do the same actions
as you did for thecircle and the large retangle layers
 i also used the same paper from the scrapkit for both of these
One done you should now have 4 layers the background
we created the large retangle the circles and the side rectangles
they should all be frames with papers inside
Now on the two diagonal retangles i used the background from the elements folder
 i did the same as all the rest made this into a frame
 and added the paper then merge together these four layers
On the small diagonal squares get your tube of choice and place it over the square
 so it fill it totally click on the square invert
and then on the tube layer click delete
 now delete the original square layer as this is no longer needed
 duplicate the tube layer gaussian blur of ten on the bottom layer
on the top layer change the opacity to screen
now merge these two layers together
Effects texture weave both windows white gaps ticked and 1.3.1 apply
 do this to both squares then merge these two layers together
On the next two layers the oval shapes do the same as all the rest
 make the shape a frame add noise and drop shadow
only this time do the same as the small squares
use your tube of choice to fill them one satified
 before you merge these together dupliate your tube
on the bottom layer gaussian blur 10
on the top layer change the opaity to luminace legacy
now merge the three layers together
do this for both ovals then merge them together
Now open one of the cards from the kit and make smaller
 place one in top right of the tag
infront of your circle layer make sure hes peering over the top
 of the rectangle layers infront of him
Now open the poppy and place in same place as the card you have just placed
but more to the right adding a drop shadow of choice to it
Now open the other card layer from the kit and place him
 in the same place as other on but in the left of the tag
Open the sparkles place in top of the tag duplicate place in bottom of the tag
 merge these two layers together
Now on the large enter cirle get your tube again if it comes with a large layer
use that if not you will have to enlarge your tube up to fit the entire circle
this an be tricky with smaller tubes
Get it so the tube layer fits the circle click on the circle
invert and then delete on the tube layer
 Dupliate on the bottom layer gaussian blur of 10 on the top layer
change the opaity to screen merge these three layers together
now open the checkered paper from the kit place over the circle
 click circle again invert and delete on the paper layer
change the opacity to overlay and change the opacity to 60 percent
 now merge this with the circle
Open the kit and get the wire circle frame and place this over the top of the circle
adding a drop shadow of choice one happy merge together
move the circle slightly to the left and higher than the enter
Now open the grass from the kit and place along bottom of the tag
Place the cards from the scrapkit down the left side of the tag
make smaller so they only fit from the top to just below the center of the tag
adding a drop shadow of choice
Get the butterfly and place in top left corner on one of the frame edges
Now open the chair from the kit and place to the right of the design
Get the cup and books from the kit and place these to the bottom right of the chair leg
adding a drop shadow of choice to each
Open the pocket watch and place this behind the other hair leg
adding a drop shadow of choice
 Now open your tube add a drop shadow of choice
 and position her as if she is sitting on the chair
Open the cheshire cat grin and place over the bottom right of the tag
 change his opacity to overlay
Now open the blue mushroom and the red mushroom and place bottom left of the design
Get the catipillar and place him between the two mushrooms just placed
 Make sure hes at the front of the tag adding a drop shadow of choice
Finally open the winged pawn add a drop shadow to it and plae top right
Add your copyright and your name of choice adding a gradient glow
and a drop shadow of choice
All done




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